Lasseaux Triple Couronne Rosé
Lasseaux Triple Couronne Rosé

Lasseaux Triple Couronne Rosé

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This ‘Triple Crown’ Rosé is created with 100% Meunier grapes.

This Rosé is produced using the Saignée method. This is where the red colour needed to make Rosé is added through allowing the wine to sit in contact with the red grape skins during the initial pressing. With this method, it’s all about getting timing right. Leave the skins in contact for too long and you’ve got red champagne, not leaving them long enough and you’ll have a very pale pink.

As you can see in the Triple Crown, team Lasseaux have found the perfect formula for that deep, vibrant pink colour.


  • Grape - 100% Meunier
  • Vintage - 2018 harvest
  • Dosage - 7 g/l 
  • Tasting Notes

    We loved the ‘candy shop’ aspect of this champagne. Creamy strawberry, marshmallows, traditional boiled sweets, accompanied by some fresh fruits; peaches and cherries.

    Pairing Suggestion

    Pizza, Shrimp Tacos or a classic sushi platter!