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Jacques Pougeoise & Fils Tradition

Jacques Pougeoise & Fils Tradition

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This Brut Tradition from Côte des Blancs features Chardonnay as the majority grape in the blend and is made up of mostly a 2013 base wine. Chardonnay isn't commonly used as the majority grape in a Brut Tradition blend, so it's great to compare with other Brut Traditions you may have tried.

2013 had a rainy cool start in the summer followed by a scorching end. Harvest even started later that year (October) meaning the grapes were left to ripen longer. We probably have that to thank for the juicy, tropical fruit flavours in this champagne.



Grapes: 30% Pinot Noir, 70% Chardonnay

Base 2013 + 42% reserve wines from 2010, 2011

Dosage: 9g/l

Process: Completed Malo-lactic fermentation and vinified in stainless steel


Tasting Notes

When smelling we found notes of pineapple and apricots accompanied by brioche and a hint of vanilla.

While tasting we discovered fresh citrus; grapefruit and lemon along with almond.


Pairing Suggestions

This champagne would go well with lighter white meats such as chicken or other poultry dishes.

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