Guy Mea Cuvée Rosa Délice - Premier Cru

Guy Mea Cuvée Rosa Délice - Premier Cru

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This Rosé from Guy Mea makes a great spring or summer drink. Fresh, flavourful and perfect for sipping out on the patio.

In this Rosé champagne, 10% of the Pinot Noir is actually a red wine from the Champagne village of Bouzy (yes, that is pronounced the way you think).


  • Grapes - 60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir 
  • Vintages - Predominately grapes from the 2015 harvest + 40% reserve wines from 2013-14
  • Dosage - 6g/l

Tasting Notes

Slightly sweeter than the Brut Tradition. Look out for those juicy red fruits: strawberry, raspberry or cranberry.

Pairing Suggestion

Red berries and red berry desserts like a tart or garnished panna cotta.


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