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Champagne Collective

3 Month Gift Subscription

3 Month Gift Subscription

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This will be the gift that keeps on giving (well, for 3 months anyway).

Our 3 months gift subscription will give the recipient 3 Champagne Collective subscription boxes across consecutive months.

How does it work?
In the 'Customer & shipping information' stage of the checkout, simply add the recipients name and shipping address and your own details for the billing address and card information.

If you would like the subscription to be a surprise, add your email address on the first 'Customer & shipping information' page where asked.

The first box will arrive either in the current month or the following depending on your date of purchase (see below for full details).


What's included:

  • Monthly delivery for 3 months - shipping included
  • 2 full sized bottles of Champagne, specially chosen by us and always unique - not something you’ll find in your local supermarket
  • Brochure with information on the vineyard and producers that make this month’s champagne, pairing inspiration, tasting notes and an opportunity to widen your champagne knowledge


Need to know:

  • Tax and Shipping are included in the monthly subscription cost
  • 3 month subscription is charged upfront but delivered monthly across 3 consecutive months
  • If the subscription is purchased before the 15th of the given month, the box will be shipped within 5-7 working days.
    If the subscription is purchased after the 15th of the given month, the box will be shipped for the following month
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