The question we don’t ask often enough… Shall we open a bottle of champagne?

Champagne Collective is here to shamelessly encourage you to start asking it more.

In Champagne, there are over 16,000 growers and 5000 grower-producers. Thats 5000 champagnes that you may not have tried… yet. We’re here to change that.

Let us take you past the big brand, supermarket-top-shelf labels and introduce you to the wider world of champagne from small independent growers.

Champagne Collective was born from a desire to show people that champagne is more than just a handful of large brands, to connect with the renaissance of artisan producers and the rise of small, independent vineyards.

Champagne making is a craft. Grower Champagnes are the small family-run vineyards that have been perfecting the art of champagne making for generations. Their passion for champagne is infectious and it shows through in their care and attention that each vineyard gives to every aspect of the champagne making cycle. The results are wonderful and we think they should be shared with as many people as possible.


So step away from the spritz, we’ve got something better...

We work with independent champagne producers in France. Through our subscriptions we hand pick two different bottles of champagne monthly or bi-monthly and deliver them directly to your door.

Our aim to to explore and enjoy - we curate our selections to ensure a coverage of different styles, varieties and vintages of champagne. Each delivery comes with an info pack detailing your champagne selection and providing information about the grower.

Don’t worry, we don’t deal in jargon, reams of information or incomprehensible tasting notes. You’ll get enough to see the differences between the champagnes you taste, identify what you like and how to pair champagne with food. The useful bits.

W're here because we believe in conscious consumerism, drinking less but drinking better, learning from passionate artisan producers and of course, delicious champagne. We hope you'll join us.


"We'll just have one glass of champagne, and maybe another one..."