Meet: Guy Méa

Meet: Guy Méa


This month we feature Guy Méa out of 

Val-de-Livre, France.


Guy Méa describe themselves as “Producing Epicurean Champagnes with passion” - this family is in the business of bringing the pleasure and enjoyment of champagne to as many people as possible. We’re big fans of this philosophy.

Based out of Louvois for five generations, the Méa family work on both Grand Cru and Premier Cru vines across 4 villages in Montagne de Reims.

Grand Cru and Premier Cru are the classification systems used across Champagne to describe whether a village has the best conditions to produce champagnes. Determining factors are usually things like the soil condition and the direction of the slopes where the grapes are grown (think: north, south, east or west - daylight hours and shady slopes). Different combinations can improve the quality of the grape and therefore the wine.

In Champagne, Grand Cru is the best village classification, followed by Premier Cru, if neither of these are mentioned on the bottle label then the grapes will have been grown in a village with no classification.

A better Cru does not automatically mean a better champagne, beauty (and good taste) is in the eye (or mouth) of the beholder. See what you think.

Today Guy Méa is a family team of father, mother, daughter and son-in-law and they have focussed on sustainable and organic practices for growing and production. The house holds a High Environmental Value certification and does not use pesticides or mechanical plows for growing and production.

All the vines are hand-tended and grapes are hand picked during harvest. Additionally, a traditional press is used to manually extract the grape juice. This human-powered, hand-picked approach allows them to tailor the timing and treatment of each individual batch to bring out the best taste.

Both bottles you’re enjoying this month have been picked and pressed, blended and cared for end-to-end. Truly an artisan product.

Hand press



We grabbed some time with Franck to hear more about Guy Méa and their favourite drinks..

Tell us a bit about yourselves and the house story...

“We are family run and independent champagne Growers from Louvois, one of the smallest Grand Cru villages.

Sophie & I are the 5th generation to continue the tradition. We are father, mother, daughter and son-in-law all working together today and the house produces around 55,000 bottles a year.

Don’t worry, we are still taking advantage of Pépé Guy’s advice .. Guy Méa himself is 89 years old now!”


What does Guy Méa do differently from all other champagne producers?

“The guiding light of House Méa has always been to produce ‘Pleasure Champagne’.

With our generation, we are aiming to do this with added environmental mindfulness. Understanding and caring for the environment of our vines helps us to understand and reveal the expression of our great “Montagne de Reims” terroirs and its fruit.

In order to preserve the identity of our wines, we really pay attention to when to pick ripe grapes and we also make our own dosage liquor.”


What is your top tip for drinking champagne?

“When you are more than two persons, open a Magnum!”


What else do you like to drink besides champagne?

“Wine is a passion with an infinite source of discovery and pleasure, we truly love wine in general!

Sophie is crazy about Burgundy whites and reds. I especially love great Cabernet Franc & Chenin from Loire Valley and as I am originally from Bordeaux, I will always give my preference to Bordeaux reds!”


Team Guy Mea

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